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Vlad Chiriches could join Tottenham Hotpsur after Steaua's next Champions League match

Let's keep this train a-rolling. Tottenham Hotspur might still get the Romanian defender after all.

Denis Doyle

Emanuel Roșu, the Romanian journalist who first broke the Vlad Chiriches transfer, and then the rejection of that transfer by Steaua's locked-up homophobe of an owner, has tweeted this morning that there's still a chance that the transaction goes forward.

He quotes agent Giovani Becali. Giovani Becali is the cousin of Gigi Becali, the jailed tantrum-throwing owner mentioned above. I have tried to figure it out, and I honestly can't determine if Giovani Becali is the same person as Chiriches' agent Ioan Becali.

This does not mean, as best as I can tell, that the transfer is now good to go. Gigi Becali still needs someone to stroke his hair and feed him a glass of warm milk until he calms down enough to carry out the most basic of his responsibilities as club owner. That is anything but a guarantee. While Becali can be counted on to commit crimes and spew bigotry, he is otherwise highly unpredictable.

But this is definitely better news than what we had yesterday, or than I was willing to believe two hours ago.

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