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Weekend Hoddle of Coffee and open thread

Daily Tottenham Hotspur links, today on the Europa League, kits, fancy stats and the big mouths of Isco and Michael Owen.

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Jan Kruger

Hello friends, this is your weekend off-topic space. Links!

Europa League draw pits Tottenham against Dinamo Tbilisi. Hands up if you're bothered? | Metro

My hand is up! I'm bothered! I'll pay attention to any match involving Tottenham, whether it's a friendly or competitive game, senior or youth. This is how lots of fans are. That's why blogs like this one are a thing and lots of people read them.

2013-14 HOME AND AWAY KIT OUT NOW! | Tottenham Hotspur

Yeah, go give the club some money so we can buy a world class central defender.

Capoue, Parker and Sandro stats | EPL Index

These stats don't actually mean anything, but talk about them like they do!

Get Tottenham's Gareth Bale says Real Madrid star Isco | Daily Star

I hate this GIANT PAGE with about 200 words of text and like 12 huge photos.

Michael Owen: I have sympathy for Luis Suárez over desire to leave Liverpool | Telegraph

Suarez is only 26, has a contract that expires in 2016 and doesn't appear to be getting worse. A Champions League club will pay a lot for him next summer. He doesn't have ONE SHOT, ONE OPPORTUNITY! He'll get another one.