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Spurs slap £6m price tag on Jermain Defoe

Could Spurs' England striker be out the door?

Mike Hewitt

The Daily Bale Fail Mail have taken a break from their usual routine of printing spurious stories about Gareth Bale to instead talk about one of Spurs' other players. Supposedly QPR has been sniffing around Jermain Defoebut Levy has told them it will cost £6m to pry the England striker away from White Hart Lane.

With the arrival of Roberto Soldado Jermain Defoe has been pushed down the pecking order at Spurs, and ahead of the 2014 World Cup it's entirely possible he seeks greener pastures to ensure his place in Roy Hodgson's squad. But there's nothing greener about the pastures in the Championship, least of all QPR.

Despite Defoe's age, he's still a very capable striker who could help out plenty of sides in the Premier League if it turns out he doesn't have a future at Tottenham. If Defoe feels the need to move on, there are probably better options for him out there. Even though QPR would probably offer him a hefty wage packet, Defoe's always struck me as the kind of guy who's more interested in playing in one last World Cup than cashing one last fat check.

Earlier this summer Defoe spoke to the media about the team's need for striker reinforcements to challenge at the top of the table. Defoe may be entirely happy to spend the season playing an impact role with team, coming off the bench to help out with a late goal. After spending the better part of the last decade with Spurs, it wouldn't surprise me if he'd rather stay and play a bit part in a very good team than play a bigger role with a crappy one. Even as an impact sub, he's got a better chance going to Brazil next summer playing in the Premier League than he does toiling in the Championship.

At any rate, £6m for a 30 year old fairly one dimensional player would be a great deal for the club, and if QPR wants to pay it and Defoe wants to go, it'll be tough for Levy to turn down. I'd be happy to keep him, but if he moves on I hope nothing but the best for the little guy.

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