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A fan perspective on Spurs' Swindon Town loanees

Wondering how Grant Hall, Massimo Luongo, Ryan Mason and Alex Pritchard are getting on in their collective spell in Swindon? Here's what our eye in the stands says.

Christopher Lee

To help us get a clearer picture of what kinds of things our brightest stars are doing for their side this season, I've petitioned devoted Swindon Town fan Nathan Norris (@NathanSTFC, follow for lots of handy updates) for a brief rundown of his initial impressions of the players that we've sent to his club. Here's what our impartial observer had to say for the starlets.


Grant Hall

Hall has shown an incredible maturity and serenity after being thrown into a starting role as a ball playing centre half. His calm head makes a mockery of his youth and after only two games he has shown real potential. He seems to be forging an unforgiving pairing with veteran Darren Ward, and I believe he will benefit from Ward's vast experience.

Massimo Luongo

It feels almost unfair that we've been given Luongo for an entire season. Mass has been different class both on and off the ball, with a fantastic ability to pass, tackle, move and create space for his fellow midfielders. Luongo has controlled almost every minute he's been on the pitch, and has shown he has the capability to adapt to any situation, with Peterborough and Torquay both presenting different challenges. Already a fans favourite, it already looks clear that Luongo will be THE player to watch in League One this season.

Ryan Mason

His incredible passing range has become evident very quickly. In both games, he has quickly been identified as a threat and double marked. He was very unlucky not to score against Peterborough, his excellent long range effort striking the crossbar. Mason looks to be our biggest threat going forward and we're all excited to see how he develops.

Alex Pritchard

His height helps his low centre of gravity which in turn means he can use his vast arsenal of skill to his advantage, and when it works, it is a sight to behold. Fans of Peterborough and Torquay were quick to hate; his trickery often left their fullbacks looking silly, and he also has a knack of going to ground very easily. Pritchard has been guilty of doing too much several times, but with his ability you can't blame him. If he learns to pass, his stock will rise.

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