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Gareth Bale will not play for Wales on Wednesday

Are Tottenham Hotspur getting Wales to do their bidding or is Gareth Bale really injured?

Michael Steele

While it's certainly possible that Tottenham Hotspur have convinced Wales to help them keep their party line consistent and keep their transfer business under wraps, it's much more likely that we've been hearing the truth about Gareth Bale's fitness all along. While conspiracy theorists will insist that this just means the conspiracy is even bigger than before, the BBC says Bale will not play Wednesday.

Hopefully Gareth Bale will be in the building to see Tottenham Hotspur take on Crystal Palace on Sunday, even if he isn't quite fit to suit up. It's worth reiterating, once again, that Real Madrid don't actually have any money and are therefore struggling to get Bale away from Tottenham.

I wish everyone would be a bit more descriptive about what this 'foot injury' is, but this is all we're getting for now.

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