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Scott Parker to QPR is done: Di Marzio

When Gianluca Di Marzio passes along rumors, they tend to not go anywhere pretty often. His chance conversion rate is a bit better when he uses the word 'done'.

Victor Fraile

If Gianluca Di Marzio is to be believed, Scott Parker's long-rumored departure is finally about to happen. The Italian Sky Sports journalist says that Parker to Queens Park Rangers for £2m is done.

Readers probably know Di Marzio best for the transfer rumors he passes along regularly, usually involving Serie A clubs or players who currently play in Serie A. Occasionally he's the first guy to get a story, but more often than that, the stuff he reports doesn't come to fruition. Such is the life of a guy running with transfer info early in negotiations.

However, even these types of journos generally don't use the word 'done' unless they're pretty sure that a deal is done. We're still calling this a rumor, but don't be too shocked if some sort of announcement comes from one of the teams this week. This deal has been reported for a long time.

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