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€15m fee agreed for Alen Halilovic, according to Croatian media

A Croatian report suggests that Spurs have had a second fee agreed for Alen Halilovic by Dinamo Zagreb... but we've been here before.

Christof Koepsel

Some potentially exciting news from Croatia this morning. Croatian newspaper Sportske Novosti is reporting that Spurs may have had a second bid of €15m accepted for 17 year old Dinamo Zagreb starlet Alen Halilovic. Croatian sports journo Aleksandar Holiga also seems to think that something's up:

The genesis of this rumor might stem from the Halilovic family's recent trip to Manchester, where they attended a youth cup for Alan's little brother. Supposedly, Alen's father stayed in England, ostensibly to further discussions with Tottenham. Other unsourced reports suggest that Alen could be purchased and then loaned back to Dinamo for a year.

Landing Halilovic would be a fantastic signing for Spurs, but lets not get excited quite yet. Even if the bid (which has not been confirmed) is true, we've been here before, with Spurs' earlier deal for Halilovic and defender Tin Jedvaj scuppered by family demands. Halilovic's family have a very large say in any future transfer for Alen, and it's been clear for a while now that they prefer their son continue his development at Dinamo. We don't know what sort of personal demands Halilovic's family has asked for, whether they will be agreed to by Tottenham, and whether Halilovic is even interested in moving to London. There's still a lot of ways that this deal can collapse, just like last time.

Halilovic is going to eventually transfer somewhere, because he's a future star and is already too good for Dinamo Zagreb. €15m is well worth it for a young player of his caliber. We'll be keeping an eye on this rumor, but take it with an entire salt mine for now.

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