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Valencia central defender a target for Tottenham?

Like Fabio Coentrao, Adil Rami was rumored to be a part of another Tottenham Hotspur deal and is now being linked to Spurs independent of that deal.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

If reports out of Spain are to be believed. Adil Rami is catching interest from Tottenham Hotspur and Fiorentina. Deportivo Valenciano ran with the story first and talkSPORT are running a similar story, though they did not cite Deportivo Valenciano or any specific report out of Spain. They're running with it as if they have their own information.

Spurs need a central defender and Rami is a solid one. He plays at a club that needs money and he's solid with the ball at his feet. Smell test: Passed.

However, I don't think it's unfair to say that Rami has been a slight disappointment since joining Valencia from Lille. At Lille, he was clearly one of Ligue 1's best central defenders. At Valencia, he's been serviceable and has made errors with more regularity. He's still played well enough to get into the France team regularly, but he's hardly dominant.

It's also unlikely that Rami would accept being a true backup in a World Cup year. If Younes Kaboul -- one of his main rivals for a spot on the France team -- is healthy, that's exactly what Rami would be. At a reasonable price, Rami would be a good signing, but I can't see him accepting a backup role anywhere in a World Cup year.

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