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Tottenham Hotspur link to Barcelona defender doesn't make sense

If Barcelona drop a bunch of money on a couple of central defenders, we can start talking about Marc Bartra.

Alex Grimm

Marc Bartra is a very solid central defender, but in an ideal world, probably isn't good enough to play a regular role with Barcelona. In that ideal world, this report linking Tottenham Hotspur to Bartra would make a lot of sense. Unfortunately for the Blaugrana, their central defense situation is currently far from ideal.

If you keep up on Barcelona news at all, you've probably noticed them throwing themselves at just about every central defender on earth who's decent with the ball at his feet. They've been shut down in their pursuits of Thiago Silva and David Luiz, while Tottenham Hotspur are almost certainly unwilling to negotiate a transfer for Jan Vertonghen. They've turned their attention to Daniel Agger and don't appear to be close to signing anyone. They play their first league game on Sunday.

Barcelona's defense currently consists of Gerard Pique, Bartra and the injured Carles Puyol. There's also natural midfielder Javier Mascherano, who has been converted to CB, as well as Sergio Busquets. It's highly unlikely that Barcelona is going to sell one of their two healthy natural central defenders before they buy at least two more.

I like Bartra, but if it happens, it'll happen on deadline day after Barcelona have made a few moves.

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