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Hugo Lloris confirms that Etienne Capoue has joined Tottenham Hotspur

French international goalkeeper Hugo Lloris is away on international duty, but he took time to talk to L'Equipe and confirm that Tottenham Hotspur have signed Etienne Capoue.

Marco Luzzani

Having an international break at this point in the year, with many league either getting ready to start or having already started their seasons, is downright silly. However, the international break does provide us with an opportunity for us to hear from some players about developments at their clubs that we might not usually hear about. For example, Hugo Lloris, in an interview with L'Equipe said:

"Il franchit une nouvelle étape de sa carrière, a dit le gardien des Bleus. Pour l’instant, il fait abstraction de sa situation, il est entièrement concentré sur le match de demain (mercredi face à la Belgique). Mais je suis ravi de sa venue en Angleterre et à Tottenham. A lui de prendre ses repères et de faire ses preuves."

Translating that gives us that Hugo thinks that fellow French international Etienne Capoue is ready to take the next step in his career. Lloris goes on to state that he is delighted with the midfielder's arrival in England and at Tottenham. It is now, according to Lloris, up to the player to get his bearings and prove himself.

The deal to bring Capoue to Tottenham from Toulouse was reported last week, with rumors saying it would be finalized yesterday. Pictures have surfaced of Capoue in London, but there has yet to be any confirmation either from Spurs or Toulouse that a deal has been finalized. In this case, Lloris seems like a pretty reliable source. Now we just have to wait for the club to say something.

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