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Real Madrid have cash to pay up front for Gareth Bale?

Uh oh, it looks like Real Madrid actually have some cash now.

Ian Walton

This one hasn't quite cracked the mainstream Spanish or English media yet, so take it with an entire salt mine, but it looks like Real Madrid might have come into some money that no one though they had. Punto Pelota is reporting that Real Madrid have made two offers to Tottenham Hotspur for Gareth Bale: £75m in straight cash up front or £85m in four installments.

Daniel Levy's asking price for Bale was reportedly £100m or somewhere in the neighborhood of £90m if Alvaro Morata was going to be included in the deal, but negotiations didn't seem to get anywhere because Madrid didn't want to pay that much and wanted to pay in a lot of installments. Seemingly, Madrid didn't actually have much money to offer up front. If Madrid actually have £75m in straight cash, right now, Levy can probably be bothered to listen to what they have to say.

I'm not saying that I believe Punto Pelota or that Bale's off to Madrid, but there's actually something to talk about if Florentino Perez is throwing that kind of money around.

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