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Hull City reportedly agree deal for Tom Huddlestone; Sunderland still lurking

According to the Daily Mail, Hull City have agreed to a fee for Tom Huddlestone. That doesn't mean the transfer is sorted.

Mike Hewitt

Tom Huddlestone probably won't be a Tottenham Hotspur player much longer, but it's not entirely certain where he's going to end up. According to the Daily Mail, Hull City and Spurs have already agreed to a £5.25m fee for the midfielder, which would be a club record for the Tigers. However, Huddlestone is yet to sign on and Sunderland are still interested.

Both Sunderland and Hull are hurting a bit for central midfielders, and especially passing central midfielders. Both also have some reasonably athletic players who could protect Huddlestone and get the best out of him. His opportunities for playing time at both clubs would be similar.

However, with no disrespect intended to Hull supporters, Sunderland are inarguably the bigger team. They have more fans, more history of success and an owner with deeper pockets. They're more likely to stay up than Hull and they're more likely to match Huddlestone's current wages.

We don't know where Hudd will be going, but it's pretty safe to say he won't be in a Spurs shirt this season. We can only hope for a bidding war.

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