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Gareth Bale will never wear a Spurs shirt again, says some anonymous guy

It was already super #batcountry, but a paywall followed by stolen quotes from behind a paywall make it even better.

Jan Kruger

Last night, The Sun posted an article entitled 'Bale: I'll never play again for Spurs'. That article starts as follows.

GARETH BALE has told Wales team-mates: "I'll not wear a Spurs shirt again."
The midfielder is determined to move to Real Madrid and is dismayed Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has rejected their world-record £81 million...

And then BOOM PAYWALL.Yes, The Sun has a paywall. I'd be more likely to pay actual money to read articles in The Express or Metro than the freaking Sun.

But anyway, I figured they might actually have a decent quote. Not from anyone willing to be named, but at least "an anonymous current Wales international" or something. But nope, apparently it was just from a "Wales insider". I know this because The Daily Star ripped off the story without crediting The Sun.

Seriously, this is how they wrote this article:

And he's confided in his Wales team-mates that he'll never wear a Spurs shirt again, according to claims in one national newspaper. A Wales insider told the paper...

Okay, I dislike The Sun too, but wow. Super ethical stuff here, guys. You should be proud of yourselves. Anyway, here are the actual quotes.

"Gareth is confused and bitter. He can't understand why Spurs have not agreed what would be the largest transfer fee in history. How could any player not be affected when he knows one of the world's biggest clubs has made a huge bid - but that the deal isn't progressing? One thing's certain, he'll not play for Spurs again."

I'm going to post the stupidest line in that quote a second time for effect.

"One thing's certain, he'll not play for Spurs again."

This implies that it's not certain whether or not Daniel Levy and Florentino Perez can come to an agreement, but it is certain that Bale will never play for Spurs again, which is insane. Bale might be pissed off and might take a few weeks to get back into the team if a deal isn't cut, but he's not going on strike from September 2 until January 1.

Also, they haven't agreed to the fee because they think Bale is really fucking good, you tool.

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