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This week in Tottenham Hotspur history: The Costa del Sol trophy

Winning trophies is good, but not at the cost of Jimmy Greaves' back.

Jimmy Greaves liked to win things.
Jimmy Greaves liked to win things.
Clive Mason

Tottenham Hotspur are a football team with a rich and glorious history. While we may not have the trophies of a United, the money of a Chelsea, or the bloated sense of entitlement of a Liverpool, we have a history that any club would be proud to have.

Spurs have won a great deal of important trophies throughout our history, ranging from the first F.A. Cup won by a non-league team to the first UEFA cup. This week in Spurs history, we won one of the more unique trophies in our club's history.

Just like they do today, in the 60's, Tottenham prepared for their season by taking part in meaningless preseason tournaments. This week in 1965 and 1966, Tottenham prepared for the preseason by participating in a tournament for the Costa del Sol Trophy in Malaga. In 1965, they beat Valencia and Standard Liege to receive the trophy. The following year they defeated Malaga CD and Benfica to win the trophy for a second time.

What makes this otherwise meaningless tournament worth remembering was the Costa del Sol Trophy itself. Unlike the pocket sized trophies Spurs received for beating the New York Red Bulls in a preseason tournament in 2012, the Costa del Sol Trophy was valued at £1,200 pounds and stood four feet tall. After being presented with the trophy, Spurs captain Jimmy Greaves declined to lift it. "I'm not picking that ****ing thing up - I'll kill myself."

God only knows where Spurs store this monster. Maybe the trophy room at the Emirates? There's plenty of room there.

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