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Anyone believing the Willian rumors?

You may have heard that Anzhi are in firesale mode and that Willian is a Tottenham Hotspur target.


Willian is good at football. Andre Villas-Boas has always thought so. Anzhi's megabucks project isn't really working out so they're selling off a bunch of players. Willian is one of them. Therefore, Tottenham Hotspur have bid for Willian! Right?

Some folks from The Times say it's between us and Liverpool, and we're the favorites. Tweets are below, and you can read all about this at Liverpool Offside.

Surprise, AVB spoke about Willian and said the same thing he always does about him.

"I've spoken about him in the past long ago. He's a player I appreciate and is player that belongs to Anzhi and out of respect I won't like to extend myself."

I saw all of this -- the Times reporters' tweets and AVB's quote -- and figured we've probably made an offer. That's not to say we're anywhere near signing him, but we have to have some interest in it, right?

Well, then I read the rest of AVB's quotes on that London 24 post linked above and hoo boy.

Pablo Osvaldo had been linked with Spurs but there was no bid from the Lilywhites.

Villas-Boas commented: "He's a player that I like but he's not somebody I was going in for."

Remember when Southampton and Spurs both had bids accepted for Osvaldo, but it was up to the player to decide? Yeah. Welp.

We're officially in 'don't believe anything you hear from anyone' season, folks. Don't be shocked if Willian is a Spurs player this afternoon or if someone who would know comes out next week and says we never had any interest. We're in Thunderdome now.

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