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Tottenham sell Scott Parker to Fulham

Scott Parker is moving across town.

Shaun Botterill

Scott Parker's two-year stay at Tottenham Hotspur is over. The club has sold the midfielder to Fulham for an undisclosed fee, although reports from the last few weeks indicated that Spurs would sell him for £3.5 million so it's a pretty good bet that Tottenham either got that number or something close to it for the 32-year-old.

When Spurs bought Parker, he was the reigning FWA Footballer of the Year. Besides that being hilarious (Okay, we can't just skip over this. Take your time and laugh. Seriously. Footballer of the Year. Are we done laughing yet? No?They really gave him that and it wasn't a joke. Done now? Okay, good.), Spurs actually got a midfielder they really needed at the time. Chalk that up to an understrength midfield more than Parker's skills if you would like, but he was an upgrade and at least for a year, Parker gave Spurs a boost.

But then last season happened.

Parker spent the first half of the season on the bench for the most part as he dealt with injury and was buried by a superior midfield. With Sandro and Moussa Dembele, Parker never had a chance to play. But he got fit and Sandro got hurt, forcing Parker onto the pitch and redacted for inappropriate language.

Parker was bad. He showed he was out of his depth on a team challenging for a Champions League place. He just couldn't hack it, and he wasn't done any favors by Andre Villas-Boas, who asked him to be the all-around midfielder than Parker was not and has never been.

With Paulinho joining a midfield he already wasn't good enough for, Parker was always going to be sold this summer. Many thought he would go to Queens Parker Rangers, where Harry Redknapp wanted once again, but it wasn't to be. Instead, he is going to stay in the Premier League and play for Fulham, where he can actually serve a purpose and help a team that could use him.

Good luck to Scotty. He worked his tail off, even when he was poor, and for a year, helped the club so this isn't anything against him as a person -- but good riddance too.

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