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Could Clint Dempsey be moving to the Seattle Sounders?

Clint Dempsey is one of a number of Tottenham Hotspur players rumored to be on the way out, but could he be headed back to the MLS?


So here's how this story is shaking out so far: 80th-minute garbage-goal getting, rap-career-coveting utility striker Clinton Methuselah Dempsey*, is in the United States. He is on a plane, and that plane, presumably, is headed somewhere.

*NB. His full name is actually Clint Drew Dempsey, which, if you read his middle name as a verb, suddenly turns into microfiction about a struggling art student with an interest in USMNT players!

SBN's own Sounder at Heart has had a bumper day, due in large part to this tweet:

@MrJorgePerea later tweeted that Dempsey was headed to a different gate, a tweet that, as the folks at SAH noted, was largely ignored by Sounders fans, who continued to freak the freak OUT. Their enthusiasm will no doubt be stoked by typically enigmatic manager-speak from Sounders gaffer Sigi Schmid, as reported in this understanding Sky Sports article.

Others have weighed in as well. Taylor Twellman has suggested that Dempsey's in the US to talk to a European team while they're on tour; Twellman guessed Everton might be that team. The Metro (I know, I know) have made similar claims, noting that the Toffees are currently in the US for the Guinness Championship, which, given that it's a meaningless preseason branding tour and not a beer-drinking contest, will inevitably disappoint.

It makes sense for Clint Dempsey to seek greener (or in the case of the Sounders, neon-er) pastures. Spurs are absolutely lousy with attacking talent right now, and while Deuce has collected some key goals in lillywhite (he's a one-man MUFC killer, that one), he's right to seek more playing time, especially in a year where players will be auditioning for World Cup spots.

Whether it's Seattle, Everton or some lonely locale in between, it seems our favorite gun-slingin' garbage man is headed for the exit door. Keep on truckin', Clint. Keep on truckin'.


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