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Gareth Bale doesn't travel with Spurs to Monaco

Gareth Bale didn't go to Monaco so he's being sold obviously.

Jan Kruger

Gareth Bale did not travel with Tottenham Hotspur to Monaco for their friendly with the newly rich Ligue 1 club, according to Ben Smith. Apparently, he doesn't want anyone associated with Spurs to sleep well ever.

Whether Bale's absence is related his reported desire to leave Spurs for Real Madrid is unclear. He reportedly walked out of training yesterday because Spurs won't let him go (wahhhhhhh!), but then again, if every rumor was true Bale would have been sold to Madrid four times over by now after slapping Daniel Levy in the face and taking a piss over North London on the way to Spain.

Bale had a slight knock that was keeping him out of preseason so his absence from the Monaco could be chalked up to that. It could be because nobody plays every preseason match and this is one of the matches Bale doesn't play. It could be any number of reasons.

But his absence is probably because he wants to go to Real Madrid and is throwing a temper tantrum and click, click, click, click, click on my story/newspaper/tabloid/$$$$$$.

Is it September 1 yet?

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