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Tottenham interested in Mamadou Sakho, along with Arsenal, Barcelona and Milan

Yes, I wants. I wants a Sakho.

Valerio Pennicino

Tottenham Hotspur seem willing to spend lots of money this window, could seriously use some depth at central defense and are probably about to get somewhere in the neighborhood of £90m for Gareth Bale soon. Mamadou Sakho is a good and fairly young player who has been frozen out at Paris Saint-Germain. David Ornstein, show me potato salad!

Yesssssss. Okay, so we're probably not in this race if Barcelona have real, genuine interest, but if we're fighting the other clubs? Definitely. We're certainly the traditional "smallest" club of the four, but I bet we'll pay bigger wages than Milan, we might pay bigger wages than Arsenal and we have France teammates for him to hang out with. We actually have more of those than Arsenal do these days.

Obviously there's not much in this other than us phoning up his agent and seeing what his interest is like, but I'm hoping this goes somewhere.

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