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Erik Lamela to Tottenham: No deal agreed

Everyone's favorite rumor passer-alonger says that Roma executives are heading home without securing a deal to send Erik Lamela to Tottenham Hotspur.

Claudio Villa

Remember when we were "set to complete deals" for Willian and Erik Lamela? Well, we might still complete a deal for both of them, but at least one journalist says that Tottenham Hotspur and Roma do not yet have an agreement for Lamela's transfer. And you know who it is. IT'S YA BOI GIANLUCA DI MARZIO!

Erik Lamela al Tottenham, non c'è l'accordo. La società giallorossa oggi è stata a Londra, ci sono stati diversi incontri di mercato. Da Borriello a Demba Ba, passando anche per Samuel Eto'o. Ma si è parlato anche col Tottenham, per la cessione di Lamela. Al momento non c'è l'accordo, Sabatini e Baldissoni sono pronti per tornare in Italia.

There is no agreement to send Erik Lamela to Tottenham. Giallorossa representatives were in London and there have been several meetings about transfers. From Borriello to Demba Ba, who would be replaced by Samuel Eto'o. But there was also talk with Tottenham for the sale of Lamela. At the moment there is no agreement, and Sabatini Baldissoni is ready to return to Italy.

-SourceDi Marzio's website

Whether or not Tottenham will complete a deal for Gareth Bale still looks to be a bit up in the air. At this point I think most fans expect Bale to depart, but there hasn't been an announcement from Madrid yet, and you know they'll release something the second they get their man for PR purposes. As long as Spurs don't have the Bale money (and absence), they're probably not willing to throw down for both Willian and Lamela. If there's no Bale agreement, there probably can't (or shouldn't) be a Lamela agreement.

Don't take this as the Lamela deal being dead in the water. A lot hinges on whether or not Madrid can actually come up with what Tottenham wants for Bale.

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