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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links August 21, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links.

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Jamie McDonald

Happy Wednesday, Spursland!  Hey gang, what's happening? Nothing at all, right?  It's OK. Watch this puppy video (audio NSFW).

And now the "news"

Paulinho Hopes For Bale Stay-Sky Sports

He also hopes Bale will get a better haircut, it has now been months of him making Jimmy Neutron look well thought out.

Spurs Set To Seal £30 Million Willian Deal-The Guardian

I have come to the conclusion that Joe Lewis left the vault door open just a crack and Dan Levy is running back and forth to the negotiating table with bags of Spanish doubloons.

Losing Out Shows Liverpool's Status-Telegraph

Yes we are into day three of mercilessly pointing out how much Liverpool no longer matters.  Why?  Because it's fun and someone told me I was being mean the first time I did it.  It turns out they were right.

Real Sociedad Can only Score Insane Goals-SB Nation Soccer

The ball was not allowed to roll, if the ball rolls on the ground it's cheating.

Seriously, Only Insane Goals-SB Nation Soccer

I bet you could grate cheese on that dudes abs.  Which is not a weird thing to think to ones self as you watch that.

Don't Try To Explain Football To Women-SB Nation

Equally annoying as the guy trying to explain the game to a girl because she clearly doesn't know anything about it growing up in America (presumably) is the girl who pretends to need it explained to her to strike up a conversation with a dude, right person who will only be known as my friend Rachel?

Someone Demanded This Be Posted-Black Hearts Gold Pants

It was Bryan.