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Baldini in Madrid talking to both Real and Lamela's representitives

Things have just gotten downright crazy. Where in the world is Franco Baldini?

Michael Regan

According to everyone's favorite rumor mongering Sky Italy reporter Gianluca Di Marzio, Franco Baldini has flown to Madrid to close a pair of deals. He's currently negotiating with Real Madrid to finalize the sale of Gareth Bale, after which he will meet with representatives of Roma star Erik Lamela to agree on a contract. Our amazing director of football should have his Bale replacement literally hours after selling Bale.

Here's your boy GDM, translated by yours truly and Edward G. Oogle:

An agreement has almost been reached for Gareth Bale's transfer to Real Madrid ... Franco Baldini is in Spain to close the agreement with the Merengues. The deal will not include Fabio Coentrao, though that transfer could happen in the future. Tottenham will be paid £93 million cash ... Lamela's agents are in Madrid to talk to the Brits.

We've stashed this in the "Dispatches from #batcountry" section because stories about jetsetting directors and agents are always ridiculous, and I can't imagine that Di Marzio -- even if he has excellent sources and good methods of verifying his information -- is actually hunting down dudes at the airport.

In any event ... Bale out, Willian and Lamela in? I'm not crying about Bale's departure for a second.

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