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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links August 22, 2013

Daily Tottenham Hotspur links, today on our impending move to Thunderdome.

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and he walked off into the sunset
and he walked off into the sunset
Jan Kruger

Happy Thursday Spursland! So Willian is almost in Lillywhite, which allows me the excuse to ask this question.  Does he look a lot like Donald Glover had a baby with the uni-bomber? Seriously, look at this guy. It is all I can see.

But moving on from that, today is a special day. A day we begin to mourn the loss of a loved one. I have know hard knowledge that this particular laved one is leaving or at least that s the most Kevin will allow me two say until we get a second source. A person who we have two sources saying it is happening. We are being broken up with. And as with all break ups there is need to ignore the new hotness chatting you up and straight up wallow.  Gilmore Girls taught us that. And with that I bring to you volume 2 of the break up song edition of the Hoddle of Coffee. See you later Weezus, and if Ronaldo gives you any crap in the dressing room, I won't think less of your if you
and Luka dump his lifeless corpse at Marca's headquarters.

And now the "news"

Real Want Bale Debut Against Athletic Bilbao-Telegraph

I will be watching this game in Delaware.

AVB Says Title Chances For Spurs Are Zero-Metro

Screw this, I am drowning my sorrows in Atlantic City.

Adebayor Defies Tottenham's Transfer Attempts To Keep His Huge Wages-Mirror

With all that money lying around I bet Ade's life is all banks and ballrooms. Yea I know that one was a stretch, sue me.

David Villa Scores his First Goal Against Barca In 12 Minutes-SB Nation Soccer

You just know he was singing this in his head as he celebrated. Because he also seems like someone who needs to vindictively get the last public word about his relationships and feels like there is always someone to blame for a relationship ending rather than just accepting that some people aren't right for each other and breaking up is ultimately the best thing for both parties. God Taylor Swift is the worst.

Bale Deal Done For 108 Million Euros-Managing Madrid

The title of this song doesn't make any sense to be matched with this story, but just listen to it. It feels right.

Liverpool Tracking "Next Robben"-Liverpool Offside

I look forward to him suiting up for Tottenham. OK four days in a row of this is just mean, enough of these sharp little barbs. Sports after all is really a ballad of love and hate.