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Tottenham and Steaua agree to fee for Vlad Chiriches, deal still not done

According to the center back's manager, Chiriches is on his way to Spurs

Julian Finney

After crazy Gigi Becali used his one phone call from jail to pull the plug on Tottenham Hotspur's move for center back Vlad Chiriches, it looks like the deal is back on and finally moving towards its conclusion.

Steaua manager Reghecampf has said that Becali informed him that a deal with Spurs is complete and the defender will make his way to White Hart Lane after he plays in the Steaua's Champions League playoff against Legia Warsaw next week.

But because nothing in silly season is ever easy, the rest of the crazy Becali clan--who happen to be Chiriches's agents--have also weighed in.

So it looks like we've managed the hard part--getting ranting lunatic Gigi Becali to agree a fee--but still have to manage the easier part--getting the slightly less crazy Becali brothers to finalize personal terms with Spurs for their client.

After the Willian debacle this week, Spurs fans know all too well how quickly a transfer that looks like it's going to happen can go completely pear-shaped. This one ain't done yet.

But unless Roman Abramovich decides to throw his weigh around again, Spurs should have a classy ball-playing defender before the end of the transfer window.

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