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Tottenham Hotspur vs. Swansea City, Working Class Hero: Michael Dawson

We few, we happy few, we band of Spurs, get to enjoy Michael Dawson

Jan Kruger

As you've noticed, we've start doing man of the match awards for every Premier League match. Well, we also want to recognize good performances that, for whatever reason, go unsung. We're provisionally calling this award the working class hero of the game, but if you're smarter than us and can think of something better we might take suggestions. Here's our first working class hero

One day, Tottenham Hotspur may sign a new starting centerback. He may play the ball and be able to pick a pass. He will play, and play well. And as we watch him nutmeg Lukaku, would you be willing to trade all the days between now and then, for that one chance, just that one chance to charge into Michu's feet in the box and gloriously deny him a chance to go one on one with Lloris in a one nil contest?

Sons and daughters of White Hart Lane! Of the Seven Sisters! My Lilywhites! I see in your eyes the same fear of nervy one nil wins that would take the heart of me!

A day may come when the courage of Tottenham fails, when we forsake Michael Dawson and break the back of our high line.


An hour of Dzeko and Walcott raining down garbage goals when the age of Dawson comes crashing down!


This day, led by Michael Dawson, we fight! By all that you hold dear in North London, I bid you stand for MICHAEL DAWSON! Tottenham Hotspur's working class hero for the 2013/2014 home match against Swansea City.

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