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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 26, 2013

Tottenham news and links.

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Michael Regan

Happy Monday, Spursland!  You know what week it is boys and girls. Time to turn it up to 11.

And now the "news

AVB Shrugs Off Bale Situation- Sky Sports

Or perhaps he was just busy, like so many of us, wondering what they hell is wrong with Miley Cyrus. i am pretty sure she saw Man City play and decided to use last night as the beginning of her attempt to have a bigger meltdown.

AVB Expects Bale Back On Tuesday If No Deal Finalized By Then- BBC

You here that Madrid? That was the sound of the ante being upped.

Bale Was Almost Released At 15- Telegraph

Just another example that, as much as we love sports, the process we use to develop children into our athletic heroes is totally not okay, nor does it make much sense.  Unless, of course, your goal is to create awesome athletes, then it works pretty well.

Scotland Fan Loses Bet, Gets Unfortunate Tattoo- SB Nation Soccer

You know what? Not as bad as it could have been.

Ronaldo Signaling Old Trafford He Wants To Come Home- Managing Madrid

This is interesting....

Benzema's Agent Says He Isn't Going To Arsenal- The Short Fuse

lol lol

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