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Tottenham Hotspur meeting with Lamela's Agent: Palmeri

Tancredi Palmeri has tweeted that Sky Italia are reporting that Erik Lamela's agent is in London holding talks with Tottenham Hotspur.

Gabriele Maltinti

According to Sky Italia, via Tancredi Palmeri, Tottenham Hotspur are, as we speak, meeting with AS Roma winger Erik Lamela's agent. Lamela, who was left on the bench for Roma's Serie A opener yesterday, is rumored to be close to completing his €30 million move to North London.

The player's move has long been viewed as dependent upon the departure of Gareth Bale, but following Chelsea swooping in and signing Willian at the last minute, Lamela now may be viewed as a need whether Bale stays or goes. The 21 year-old Argentine had a stellar season at Roma last year, scoring 15 goals and adding 5 assists. His addition would likely provide a much needed infusion of creativity into the side to counter the much more direct nature of many of the players currently in the team.

I know that Palmeri and Sky Italia aren't exactly the best sources in the world, but this transfer seems pretty close at this point. The fact that we're already holding talks with Lamela would indicate to me that Spurs have already agreed to a fee with Roma and now only personal terms remain. Don't be surprised if something is announced early this week.

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