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Stage set for Erik Lamela's Tottenham move after Adem Ljajic tells teammates he's joining Roma

The path appears to be clear for Erik Lamela to join Tottenham Hotspur. His replacement, Adem Ljajic, has reportedly told his Fiorentina teammates he's joining Roma.

Paolo Bruno

It's transfer domino time, y'all. Tottenham Hotspur apparently weren't willing to get rid of Gareth Bale until they had his replacement locked up. AS Roma apparently weren't willing to let Erik Lamela go to Spurs until they had his replacement lined up. His likely replacement, Adem Ljajic, looks to be on his way to Rome.

It's ya boi Gianluca Di Marzio!

If you don't read Italian or have a translation machine, Di Marzio says that Ljajic has already said goodbye to his teammates at Fiorentina and has informed them that he's joining Roma.

Bale to Madrid won't be announced today (most likely) because he's supposedly currently in London (evidence below), but this is the first transfer that's likely to set off a big chain reaction between Roma, Spurs, Madrid and anyone Madrid might want to sell players to.

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