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Wednesday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for August 28, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, without some Dinamos.

Clive Rose

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! Not to overlook a certain Georgian team, but forget them, it is THE North London Derby week. So to all the small thinkers out there wearing red, and a few of them do congregate here, I would just like to remind you of what happened the last time Danny Rose played in this fixture. Ta and ta.

And now the "news"

Tottenham Happy To Wait To Sell Bale- BBC

That is one way to phrase it.

Why Is Gareth Bale About To Become The Most Expensive Footballer Of All Time- The Guardian

To answer that, he is really good, Madrid's absurdity nears that near the fall of the Roman Empire and the English media is a ridiculous hype machine. Also it is because Miley Cyrus twerked. Okay, well, she tried to twerk, she didn't really succeed. I watch a lot of twerking videos in my spare time, I know these things.

Landon Donovan Signs Contract Extension- SB Nation Soccer

Now there are some out there, some small minded dullards who have voiced the opinion that the two best Americans of all-time (which might might be a disservice to Claudio Reyna) are playing in MLS. That is stupid, and if you are a member of the commentariat and your radio show's twitter tweeted that opinion (Brendan Darr) then you should tell one of the other guys on that show that two aging stars who can still go balls out is GREAT for MLS. It isn't a hindrance to the development of other American players, it helps them.

The Cowardice Of David Moyes Is Excusable For Now- SB Nation Soccer

Not that this isn't a valid point, but let us toast to the first of many articles pointing out that Moyes isn't good, which will happen when you replace someone like Fergie. For example, William the Conqueror's son was a strong rule -- some would argue stronger ruler than his father -- but nobody remembers him.

Dan Levy Playing Games With Madrid?- Managing Madrid

If you come across a snake in the woods, and the snake says to you "go ahead, pick me up and pet me, I won't bite you" a nd you then pick up the snake, try to pet it and it bites you, it's your own fault. You messed with a snake.

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