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Erik Lamela traveling to London on Thursday

Could Tottenham's two major deals actually get wrapped up before the weekend? Andre Villas-Boas called a Gareth Bale deal imminent and now Erik Lamela is on his way to England.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sport

We are very close to not having to care about Gianluca Di Marzio for a very long time, but as long as we're interested in players from Serie A and they haven't signed from us, he's someone who we have to deal with. And, honestly, his stuff hasn't been entirely inaccurate thus far. With that, we present our favorite Sky Italy reporter's latest update: Roma attacking midfielder Erik Lamela has been given the all clear to head to London.

Ci siamo. Erik Lamela è pronto per lasciare l'Italia. La trattativa tra Roma e Tottenham si è sbloccata definitivamente, anche allo stesso calciatore argentino è stato comunicato che può partire per Londra per sostenere le visite mediche e firmare il suo contratto con la società inglese. Il viaggio è previsto in giornata, mentre domani effettuerà i test.

That says that negotiations between Spurs and Roma have been concluded and that he is allowed to come to London to take his medical and sign his contract with Spurs. He is making the trip this afternoon and is scheduled to have his medical tomorrow.

Tomorrow could be a big day, with the Lamela and Bale deals finally announced. Then again, another wrench could get thrown into this and we could be waiting until deadline day.

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