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AS Roma announce sale of Erik Lamela to Tottenham Hotspur

Out of the rumor section, into the news section. AS Roma have announced Erik Lamela's sale.

Paolo Bruno

When the transfer of Adem Ljajic to AS Roma was announced on Wednesday, it appeared that the transfer dominoes were about to start falling. Indeed, the club has announced the sale of Erik Lamela to Tottenham Hotspur for €30 million, plus €5 million in performance incentives that apply to both the player and the club's achievement.

Here is the official statement from AS Roma.

L'A.S. Roma S.p.A. rende noto di aver sottoscritto il contratto con il Tottenham Hotspur FAC per la cessione a titolo definitivo dei diritti alle prestazioni sportive del calciatore Erik Lamela, a fronte del riconoscimento di un corrispettivo pari a 30 milioni di euro. L'accordo prevede altresì il riconoscimento di un corrispettivo variabile, fino ad un massimo di 5 milioni di euro, per bonus legati al raggiungimento da parte del Calciatore e del Club inglese di determinati obiettivi sportivi.

Rough ranslation:

A.S. Roma announces that it has agreed to a deal for the outright sale of the rights to Erik Lamela for €30 million. The agreement also includes a clause with a variable amount, up to a maximum of €5 million for bonuses tied to the achievement of the player and the club.

More likely than not, this means that the sale of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid is going to happen shortly. Expect some kind of announcement from either Spurs or Madrid regarding that in the next couple of days, probably after Lamela puts pen to paper on his deal.

Also, it's time to give a little credit where credit's due to a certain reporter we've been slagging off. Gianluca Di Marzio called the exact deal announced by Roma -- €30 million plus €5 million in incentives -- about a week ago. Biggie ups to the Sky Italy homie.

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