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Ajax give Tottenham permission to negotiate contract with Christian Eriksen

What a bonkers day in transfer land. Sky Sports says Spurs are allowed to open talks with Christian Eriksen.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

It's shaping up to be a massive day in Tottenham Hotspur transfer land, ladies and gentlemen. Just a couple of hours after AS Roma announced that they have an agreement to sell Erik Lamela to Spurs, it appears that the potential capture of Ajax star Christian Eriksen is a very real thing. Pete O'Rourke of Sky Sports is reporting that Spurs have been given permission to open contract talks with the Danish playmaker.

I'm definitely surprised at the speed with which this has gone from vague rumor to a legitimate outlet saying Spurs have permission to talk contract with Eriksen, but I'll take it.

Previous reports have Eriksen valued at anywhere between £10-15 million by Ajax. While Eriksen isn't my first choice for another attacking midfield signing, he's extremely accomplished and only 21. I wouldn't be horrified to see Daniel Levy and Franco Baldini agree to shell out a fee on the higher end of that scale to get this deal done quickly.

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