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Thursday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for August 29, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, all in the name of Sir Tom Carroll.

Robert Cianflone

Happy Spursday, Spursland! Tom Carroll or we riot.

And now the "news"

Spurs And Arsenal Hunting For Young Bulgarian Talent- Footy Latest

In case you haven't been paying attention to this blog, and since you are reading the god damn Hoddle Of Coffee I assume you have, the staff has been slaying the dragon around here lately. As a result I, John Jay Poopjokes, have been left to scour the murky bottom of the internet, much like a fishing trawler yanking up trash fish from the grizzled bottom and forced to make a living on the meager catch. So low and behold, a shoddily produced series of would-be sentences on a kid nobody except the most social stunted Football Manger players know about. Cheers!

Holtby Scores Killer Goal For U-21s- Spurs Official

Scored in protest after hearing that Lamelalala had closed and Eriksen is being brought in too.

UEFA Warns Kazakh Team To Cease Sacrificing Sheep On The Field Before Games- SB Nation Soccer

That's ethnocentrism of the highest form!

Champions League Roundup- SB Nation Soccer

How Celtic have fallen. This win was a big mark for them. Doesn't the North Aea have oil money? Isn't there someone in Scotland with big money to come in and pump some life into this club?

President Obama Stops In For Impromptu Soccer Pep Talk Along With Mild Sexism- SB Nation

Mr President, your juggling skill are...disappointing. Rumor has it that John Beohner saw the potential for a football skills gap.

And just for funnsies, Kiiss From A Rose, Bluegrass style.

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