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Gareth Bale to be announced as Real Madrid player when Spurs sign Eriksen

Progress. Also, hey, it looks like Christian Eriksen is a thing. But that's not the best part of this.

Michael Steele

According to Spanish newspaper AS, the transfer of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid has been finalized and Madrid are simply waiting for Tottenham Hotspur to do their deals before making an announcement. Wondering what those deals are, since the Erik Lamela deal is already done provided that he doesn't fail his medical or have a random change of heart?

And they just need Tottenham to complete the signing of Ajax midfielder Eriksen.

Oh, neat! Tottenham are apparently confident enough that they'll sign Eriksen that they're asking Real Madrid to hold off on announcing Bale for the time being. That's cool. Eriksen isn't my favorite, but he's a very nice young player and I'll be happy to have him.

Wait, what's that sentence before the part about Eriksen?

Real Madrid are waiting to announce Bale's signature, with the player ready to be presented on Monday.

Wait, say that second part again.

With the player ready to be presented on Monday.

Oh man, that's awesome. Know why that's awesome? Great Spurs Twitter follow @Spurspanyol knows why that's awesome.

It's possible that this is just a coincidence, but I like to think that this is Daniel Levy's one last big FU to Florentino Perez: Making him construct a stage at the Bernabeu, then take it down, then re-construct it overnight between their game on Sunday and Monday morning. Absolutely hysterical.

Anyway, we're going to sell Bale and replace him with Lamela and Eriksen. Neat. Good business, boys!

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