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Christian Eriksen deal all but done for £11.5m

That was fast. Expect Christian Eriksen to be announced as a Spurs player fairly shortly.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Tottenham Hotspur and Ajax have reportedly agreed to a deal for Christian Eriksen. NOS is reporting that Eriksen has already passed a medical and agreed on personal terms with Spurs. They are also reporting that the deal is worth £11.5 million.

Ajax coach Frank De Boer spoke to media on Thursday and all but confirmed reports of Eriksen's imminent arrival at Spurs.

"The only thing missing is a signature ... he's a very important player for us, but we knew it was coming."

De Boer apparently had an even more revealing quote on Dutch TV, though we couldn't find the exact source. NOS seems to be where it came from, though there is no article or video with this quote from De Boer on their website.

It seems like Eriksen has to arrive in London and finalize some aspects of his deal before he's announced as a Spurs player, but it would be surprising if his signing wasn't confirmed shortly. This has gone from zero (in the press) to (almost) done in impressively quick fashion.

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