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Tottenham Hotspur Confirm Sale of Clint Dempsey

Tottenham Hotspur have announced the American international Clint Dempsey will be returning to MLS, probably to play for the Seattle Sounders.

Robert Cianflone

As of yesterday pretty much everyone knew that Clint Dempsey was on his way back to MLS. Several sources in the US, including SB Nation's own Jeremiah Oshan confirmed the £5.9 million pound deal as early as last night. Now, however, we have official word from Tottenham Hotspur.

While the news from Tottenham Hotspur does not tell us exactly which MLS team signed Dempsey it seems pretty well nailed on that he'll become a sounder.

Dempsey appeared 43 times for Spurs after joining from Fulham on deadline day last season. The American scored 12 goals for the club including the goal that guaranteed the end of Tottenham's winless spell at Old Trafford. Dempsey was the ultimate utility player for Spurs, playing many different positions, but his main impact was as a starter. He scored only one of his 12 goals as a substitute and that goal came against Reading in a match Spurs were already losing. Dempsey was never going to be an impact sub for Spurs, so it makes sense for him to be moved on.

The club did an amazing job to get £5.9 million for Dempsey, after paying £6 million for him just last year. Good luck in MLS, Deuce. #DontTread

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