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Gareth Bale medical at Madrid reportedly scheduled for deadline day

Tottenham Hotspur are certainly making Los Merengues leave this late, aren't they?

Mark Thompson

Maybe it's because Daniel Levy just wants to be a jerk. Maybe it's because he wants to make it hard for Arsenal to pick off Real Madrid's scrap heap. Maybe it really did take this long for Tottenham Hotspur and Madrid to come to an agreement for Gareth Bale's transfer. But no matter the reason, Bale will not be having his medical in Madrid until deadline day, according to AS.

I'm blindly hoping that this makes it a bit harder for Arsenal to get the Angel Di Maria deal done, though Di Maria is very similar to Theo Walcott and doesn't exactly fix any of their problems.

I'd also like to note that this Bale transfer is such a big deal that a cell phone video of lawyers standing around is a really big story in Spain right now.

This does not affect any stage construction or deconstruction plans at the Bernabeu.

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