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Spurs not budging on Alvaro Morata inclusion in Gareth Bale deal

There's a meeting scheduled for this week regarding the Bale transfer, but Tottenham Hotspur won't be showing up unless they can get Alvaro Morata.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Apparently Tottenham Hotspur are very willing to negotiate with Real Madrid about a potential Gareth Bale transfer, but they're not budging at all on their demand that Alvaro Morata be included in the transfer, according to The Telegraph.

A deal involving Morata and a fee well north of £80m has been rumored for a week, but Madrid are trying to find a way to hold on to their 20-year-old star forward while still obtaining their new Galactico. Tottenham aren't budging, nor should they.

Daniel Levy is scheduled to have a meeting with Florentino Perez, but apparently won't even show up to the meeting unless Morata is on the table. I love Daniel Levy so much. Also, this paragraph in the Telegraph story is important.

Real had hoped to include the Portuguese full-back Fabio Coentrao or Argentine winger Angel Di Maria as part of a record-breaking deal but Tottenham feel the former is overpriced both in terms of his transfer value and wages, while the latter wants to stay at Madrid.

I'm not entirely certain why Di Maria would want to stay at Madrid in the event that Bale comes in -- especially now that Jese Rodriguez has been promoted to the first team -- but that's his prerogative.

Morata can play on either wing or up top, so he'd be a great pickup for Spurs if he wanted to come and Perez was willing to part with him. He only has a handful of La Liga appearances, but he was spectacular in a Clasico against Barcelona and has been dominant at youth level for Spain and for Real Madrid B. At just 20 years old, he has a lot of room to improve and he'd probably challenge for a starting spot on the left wing as the season progressed.

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