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Jermain Defoe linked to Queens Park Rangers

With Roberto Soldado in, Tottenham Hotspur could conceivably ship off one of their strikers. Is Jermain Defoe on the way out?

Scott Heavey

It's going to be tough for Jermain Defoe to get starts at Tottenham Hotspur this season now that Roberto Soldado has joined up with the club, but he can probably do a bit better than this link. The Daily Mail has an article with quotes from Queens Park Rangers striker Andy Johnson, who thinks Defoe should come join him at QPR and help take them back to the Premier League.

Here's what Johnson had to say.

"Why not? He's worked under Harry before, he's worked with a lot of the boys before. I worked with him for three or four years at England. He's a great lad. He's worked with Jermaine Jenas and a few of the old Tottenham boys - there are a lot of people here who could attract him to the club. When I've moved, first you look and see who you do and don't know at clubs. That has an influence on where you choose to go so hopefully Jermain will come."

There are a few obvious answers to the 'why not?' question. Defoe might not be first choice at Spurs, but he could certainly get regular starts at a Premier League club. He's a bit of a pure poacher from an era gone by, but he scored 11 league goals last year and has over 100 goals in the Premier League. It's a World Cup year and he provides Roy Hodgson with something different than other players in the pool, so he has an outside shot to nick a spot on the England bench. He's on decent wages that QPR probably aren't willing to pay. Andy Johnson, who hasn't been a top half-quality striker since the 2006-07 season, wasn't in the same situation.

I can't see Defoe going to the Championship this year, though I guess stranger things have happened.

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