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Roberto Soldado to wear No. 9

Tottenham's new striker will wear the No. 9 shirt.


In the least surprising news of the day/offseason/millennium, Tottenham Hotspur have give their new striker the vacant No. 9 shirt. Roberto Soldado, the new record signing at Spurs, has been given his squad number and it's the one everyone expected.

"I’m absolutely honoured to be at this club, to wear the shirt that has so much history," Soldado said today after officially becoming a Tottenham player. "I’m hoping that I can score lots of goals to repay the club’s kindness in signing me."

Soldado had plenty to say, all of it complimentary about the club, its fans and all that other good stuff that accompanies any player signing with any club. He did have specific compliments for Andre Villas-Boas, though. Amazing that a Spanish player would like a manager who preaches to his team to keep the ball.

"I love playing in a team like that, a team that holds onto the ball and then attacks. It’s Andre’s style and it’s good for the fans to see that (style of) football and for the team as well."

No. 9 and his favorite style of play? Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

So it's settled, Soldado is the most Spurs player to ever Spurs and for a cool £63, you can wear a Soldado No. 9 shirt too.

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