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Gareth Bale's image removed from @SpursOfficial Twitter page


D Dipasupil

Hey I haven't check Tottenham Hotspur's official Twitter page for a while, so I think I'll just head over to @SpursOfficial and OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL.


On the left-hand side of the page -- where Mousa Dembele is pictured -- is where Gareth Bale used to be. At some point today, Tottenham took Bale off their Twitter background and replaced him with Dembele, a player who they know will be on their squad at the start of the season.

Obviously this is under this site's 'Rubbish' section for a good reason. It's not actually news, but it's yet another worrying sign that Gareth Bale might not be a Tottenham player for much longer. There have been grumblings that Bale will pull a Luka Modric and go AWOL to force a move, but he showed up to get treatment on an injury Monday and is expected to train Tuesday.

Make of these conflicting half-stories what you will. If you're anything like me, you've already decided that we're a shit club with no chance of ever achieving anything and you're crying into your Bale shirt while looking longingly at pictures of Modric, Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Carrick.

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