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Iago Falque reveals desire to leave Tottenham Hotspur

Our very own Captain Falque may have enjoyed a successful loan spell in Spain at the end of last season, but he clearly doesn't see a future for himself with Spurs.

Vladimir Rys

In a none-too-delicately-worded interview with Spanish news network Cadena Ser today, Iago Falque clearly articulated his views on his career with Tottenham going forwards; specifically, that he really doesn't want one, and is angling for a move away at the first opportunity. The 23 year-old forward claimed that:

"My priority always is Spain. These days I am carrying out the preseason with the English club (Spurs) and looking for a possible destination.

"Some days ago I was in London waiting and training. Looking for a way out because I will not have many opportunities here and I need to have a place to enjoy more minutes and continuity.

"To leave my representatives have always negotiated with Daniel Levy and is not easy".

He also had a few pot-stirring comments to make about Bale, if anyone's interested:

"About two weeks ago he stopped training with the team because he is injured. I think his situation is not easy. It's Clear that there is a great interest of Madrid. I see little of Bale but I see him more serious than usual.

"When I arrived at Tottenham Bale was already a good player, but the last two years he has improved a lot especially in terms of goals. I think right now the best in the world is Messi but Bale will surely be among the top 5

"If you [Bale] are going to Spain I think it should be to Madrid because his style of play comes perfect, much better than Barca".

Truth be told, I don't think many will be desperately upset about the loss of Falque should he be granted his wish of a move to Spain sometime soon. Though the youngster has demonstrable talent, he has struggled since his arrival from Juventus (initially on loan) in 2011 to make any kind of impact on the first team at all- even his post-signing loan to Southampton in that same season was a bit of a bust, and it was only in the wildly below-his-level U21 ties of this past season and on a Serie B loan to Almeria that he started to find any sort of form in recent months.

Though I've always admired his flair and application when fit, if we're being brutally honest, Falque's time with Spurs always felt like one long corridor to another club- along which Daniel Levy presumably hoped from the start his value would slowly tick up until he could ultimately be sold at a profit. Here's hoping that's still a possibility and, with more targets reportedly in the pipeline for Spurs this summer, something that can be finalised as soon as possible too.