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Steaua ready to sell Vlad Chiriches to Spurs?

Spurs might get a shiny new center back after all! Oh Gigi, you so crazy.

Julian Finney

The on again, off again, on again, "over my dead body, my name is Gigi Becali" again transfer saga for Vlad Chiriches looks like it just might be on again.

Romanian scout and journalist Radu Baicu reports via twitter:

Baicu sees this move as Steaua getting all its ducks in a row before cashing in on the player. Oh and don't worry about the crazy man throwing temper tantrums in jail, that shouldn't be a problem. According to Baicu, Becali's prison meltdown over the proposed transfer was due to a simple misunderstanding. Supposedly Spurs wanted an answer within a day, but Becali misunderstood and thought Spurs were demanding the transfer finalized within a day. Oh the zany antics that ensue during a game of prison telephone.

But even though the racist homophobic xenophobe running the club is all smiles and handshakes, Spurs fans shouldn't get too comfortable. Supposedly Spurs have competition for the defender's signature from Serie A sides AC Milan and Roma who are also tracking the center back.

Last we heard, Steaua Bucharest wanted to hang onto Chiriches until after he helped them qualify for the Champions League. Despite taking home a 2-0 lead from the away leg of 3rd round qualifying, the club still seem to want Chiriches to help them to the group stage. The playoff round does not take place until late August.

Hopefully things will get wrapped up soon, but it wouldn't be surprising to see this go down to the transfer deadline.

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