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With Fulham and Sunderland rumors dying, Tom Huddlestone is linked to Cardiff

Remember when Tom Huddlestone was close to moving to Fulham or Sunderland? He never did, and now Cardiff are reportedly interested.

Richard Heathcote

Tottenham Hotspur are probably still trying to sell Tom Huddlestone if they can get a decent fee, and according to the Daily Mail, Cardiff City are now interested in the Spurs midfielder.

Huddlestone played well enough last season to prove that he still deserves a shot at the Premier League level, but unfortunately, he still hasn't reached his former level of performance and appears to be surplus to requirements at White Hart Lane. He was reportedly close to moves to Fulham and Sunderland earlier in the transfer window, but neither came to fruition and those rumors have since died out.

The above-cited Mail article also states that Cardiff are interested in QPR midfielder/defender Stephane Mbia, who isn't anything like Huddlestone. If Cardiff sign him before we hear any more rumors about a Huddlestone move, it doesn't mean that it won't happen.

Cardiff have plenty of competent bodies in the center of midfield, but they're light on players who can pick a creative and accurate long pass from deep positions. Huddlestone has to be specifically accommodated due to his limitations, but he fits well into a three-man center of midfield with what the Bluebirds already have.

There's obviously nothing concrete here -- it's just the Mail saying that Cardiff are interested -- but this rumor makes sense for Spurs, Cardiff and Huddlestone.

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