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Cristian Ceballos, David Bentley surprisingly linked to Bulgarian move

Go ahead and figure this one out. If it's not nonsense, it sure is interesting.

Mark Thompson

It doesn't get much more #batcountry than foreign language reports from websites we've never heard of, folks. And if you don't know what I mean by that, check out our most recent "Dispatches from #batcountry" post for a refresher. Today, we're talking about Cristian Ceballos.

Ceballos joined Tottenham Hotspur as a youngster after figuring he wasn't going to get much of a chance to play regular first team football at Barcelona. He's come along slow in the Tottenham youth setup, but he showed flashes of brilliance last year, leading someone to make this insane 16-minute highlight video.

He's made a couple of preseason appearances for the first team, looks like he could make the bench a few times next year and is still young enough that a season of Under-21 football isn't going to stunt his development. While Ceballos is no lock to become a first-choice player for Tottenham, he's still got a shot at making it and, at the very worst, could probably catch on with a Championship side in a couple of years. If Levski Sofia manager Slavisa Jokanovic is to be believed, Ceballos could be open to taking a different path.

Levski is apparently interested in Ceballos and out of contract former Spur David Bentley, or so says, who has quotes from the manager. Time for quotes in characters you probably don't recognize!

"Има интерес, но за тези неща питайте Наско Сираков. Другата седмица очаквам да има новини ... Надявам се, че скоро конкуренцията ще се засили и това ще ми помогне в предстоящите мачове. Още като дойдох, се говореше за бъдещи трансфери в Левски."

Well, that's a mouthful. Here's my best attempt at cleaning up Google Translate.

"We have interest, but ask (director of football) Nasco Syrakov about these things. Next week I expect to have news ... I hope that we complete the deals soon, which will help me in our upcoming matches. That's all I can say about Levski's future transfers."

If you speak better Bulgarian than I do and can offer a more accurate translation, I welcome your assistance. This post lives in #batcountry for a reason: I don't know exactly what Jokanovic said.

While I'm obviously unable to verify any of this, it might not be quite as ridiculous as it sounds. Levski are on track to qualify for Europa League, Bentley has been linked to a move abroad to Utrecht, who aren't any bigger than Levski, and a chance to start in Europa League might be better for Ceballos than a Championship or Segunda move if he really wants to leave Spurs.

I'm not saying that this is happening or that this rumor is credible, but we've believed less probable things.

EDIT: Aww.

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