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Toulouse president confirms Étienne Capoue departure

This looks like a confirmation of the transfer of the French midfielder to Tottenham. It's like 95% of the way there.

Julian Finney

Speaking on RMC Sport in France, Toulouse club president Olivier Sadran said of Étienne Capoue, "Il va y aller," basically, "he will go." One presumes that this was in response to a question about whether Capoue would go to Tottenham, and it has been picked up as confirmation of the transfer to Tottenham by other reputable outlets. Maybe I'm being too skeptical, but I sure would like a transcript of the whole interview rather than a four-word phrase snatched out of the aether. Per the RMC report, there are apparently details still be worked out, but a fee in the range of €10M has been agreed.

L'Équipe has further news on the transfer, reporting that Capoue is expected to sign to a four-year contract, and that he will travel to London for a physical either tomorrow or Friday. L'Équipe puts the fee at €11M with 2M in add-ons.

Here is the full L'Équipe report with its added details. The Sadran quote is identical RMC's report:

Un temps attendu du côté de Cardiff, avec qui des discussions avaient été engagées, Etienne Capoue (25 ans) va bien rejoindre l'Angleterre. Mais c'est plus précisément du côté de Tottenham que le milieu de terrain du TFC va poser ses bagages, contre un joli chèque (près de 11 millions d'euros, plus des bonus d'environ 2 millions). "Il va y aller", a confirmé le président Olivier Sadran sur RMC, même si quelques détails restent à régler. Le Français, qui devrait signer pour quatre ans, est attendu jeudi ou vendredi à Londres pour passer sa visite médicale.

While we all know that "some details remain" can sink any transfer, this does sound like those details are relatively uncomplicated. I think we are 95% of the way to confirmed here.

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