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Injured Gareth Bale named to Wales squad

Gareth Bale will play for Wales. Gareth Bale is not playing for Spurs. Panic! or something.

Michael Steele

Gareth Bale has not been playing for Tottenham Hotspur in the preseason because of a minor injury that was supposed to have healed two weeks ago, but apparently still hasn't. This injury hasn't kept him from being called up for Wales' friendly vs. the Republic of Ireland next week, though.

Yes, Bale has been named to the Wales team for their friendly, fueling speculation that he is not actually hurt and is just holding out while he crosses his fingers that Tottenham and Real Madrid agree to a transfer. And that speculation is probably true.

Minor injuries don't last as long as Bale's has, nor do players who have injuries that have kept them out weeks agree to play for their national teams. Their clubs don't allow it either so why is Bale going to play for Wales? Because the speculation is dead on.

This doesn't mean a whole lot, except that it will anger Tottenham supporters. It's no secret that Bale wants his dream move to Madrid and Daniel Levy playing hardball is hardly a new thing in North London. The two clubs are battling it out and Bale is watching, from the Spurs' "training table," more accurately known as his couch. Meanwhile, he will play for Wales and Tottenham and Madrid will continue to haggle over the deal. Either it will get done or it won't and his playing for Wales doesn't change this.

If Bale playing for Wales while he doesn't play for the club he is contracted to because he wants a transfer bothers you, welcome to 2013.

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