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Levy and Perez hold Gareth Bale talks, still far apart on agreement

Nothing much came of the transfer talks between Daniel Levy and Florentino Perez on Wednesday. The two sides are still far apart in their valuation of Gareth Bale.

Jan Kruger

Daniel Levy and Florentino Perez met in Florida to discuss the potential transfer of Gareth Bale as expected on Wednesday, but it doesn't sound like their meeting was very productive, at least from the perspective of Real Madrid. According to a report by The Guardian, the two sides are still far apart in their valuation of the player and disagree on what players could be included as a make-weight.

Madrid have bid £86m for Bale, while Levy is refusing to budge on his £100m asking price. Levy also hasn't budged on the inclusion of Alvaro Morata in the deal. Madrid have said in the past that they do not intend to sell Morata, and apparently Perez's stance did not change during their meeting on Wednesday. The two sides likely also disagree on Morata's valuation and how much Madrid would have to pay in cash for Bale if Morata was included in the deal.

This isn't exactly new news, which tells us that both Perez and Levy are negotiating like brick walls and very little came out of their meeting. Both sides will probably budge somewhat as August rolls on, but at the moment it's impossible to tell whether or not they'll ever reach a deal that both parties are satisfied with. The Guardian says that talks between Levy and Perez will continue, despite the fact that they seemingly went nowhere during their first go-around.

Bale's just as likely to be a Tottenham player as he is a Madrid player come September. It's anyone's guess whether or not these negotiations are going anywhere.

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