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Real Madrid 'very confident' they will sign Gareth Bale

Despite Florentino Perez's words about Daniel Levy's demands being too much, Real Madrid reportedly remains confident that they will sign Gareth Bale.

Mark Thompson

According to a report by ESPN, Real Madrid remains 'confident' that they will be able to sign Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspur. Florentino Perez was quoted as saying that €100m -- the amount Madrid have bid for Bale -- "seems like a lot" for any player, but a source at Madrid has told ESPN's Miguel Delaney that they still believe they can get the deal done.

Perez and Levy have been meeting in the United States, but didn't seem to make much progress on the deal in the meetings. Perez wants to pay £86m, while Levy is holding out for a deal worth £100m or more that includes Madrid starlet Alvaro Morata.

Here are the most important lines from Delaney's piece.

Some Madrid officials have even floated a prospective date when the transfer will be completed, suggesting the third week of August.

Spurs' official stance, however, remains the same: Bale is not for sale.

We've said it over and over during the numerous turns in this saga and we'll say it again: This isn't over until Madrid present Bale or midnight hits on September 1. This is getting drawn out all window and no one knows who Bale will play for next season.

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