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Several clubs bidding to sign Tottenham midfielder

Who will win the Tom Huddlestone lottery? Fulham, Sunderland or Hull City?

Richard Heathcote

Tom Huddlestone looks set to leave Tottenham Hotspur, but where he goes is still up in the air. Sunderland were the frontrunners to sign the midfielder, but Hull City are making a push to win his signature and Martin Jol, who first signed him for Spurs, is also interested in bringing Huddlestone to Fulham.

So where is Huddlestone going? Who knows!

It's pretty clear Huddlestone won't stay at Spurs. He has no place and is valued at £5 million, making him relatively affordable. It's unlikely that this many clubs are trying to sign him, but won't pay Spurs' price. Daniel Levy won't sell cheap and he won't have to.

Amazingly, Huddlestone is still just 26 years old and while certainly an injury concern, he did play 29 matches a year ago. His passing is still tremendous so he has value to a handful of clubs, and is a worthwhile gamble. Spurs just don't happen to be one of those clubs.

So the big guy is going to go, it appears. It will be weird seeing him putting on another team's shirt, but such is life in football. Now it's just a matter of seeing where he ends up.

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